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    Layers visibility on loop

    andy-mario Level 1

      After my first production work in Edge cc 2014.1 I had some issues I'd like to report, to understand if it's my workflow problem or something is not working properly.


      Despite the infamous c++ error that made working with keyframes a nightmare, these are the issus I've encountered:

      The animation is a 30 seconds banner (looped), very simple with 10 layers (pngs, text).


      - When published, after looping some layers didn't disappear. I had to force the "display:off" and "display:on" keyframing the property when I wanted the layer to be correctly displayed. I had 10 banners of different sizes (same project duplicated with "save as") and this happened to different layers in a random way (the same layer in some projects stayed visible as the opacity was set in timeline, in other I had to force it using the display property).


      - In Chrome the text "line height" property was displayed correctly, in Safari for some texts I had to put a keyframe for this property at the beginning of the timeline to have it displayed correctly.


      - When editing a symbol and pressing cmd+s the layout is flashing and symbols are changed of position (only as displayed, going back to main stage the position is still ok). Sometimes it goes back to main stage.


      - When I load the published .html in the browser (happened both in Chrome and Safari) and then changed tab then came back to the animation, the texts (webfonts) sometimes are missing or misplaced.


      - Some of the glitches above (disappearing or wrong "display" property of layers, line height different from value set in project), sometimes were not present in the preview but only in published version.


      Hope this helps,