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    What is the "Enter Site Password" prompt and how do I make it go away?


      While using Dreamweaver (and in particular, whenever I insert an image) the following prompt appears:



      I've tried to enter all sorts of user name/password combinations, including my creative cloud login and computer account name and password.  Nothing works.  Fortunately, the pop-up goes away if I click the "Ok" or "Cancel" button, but this has started to become a nuisance.  It didn't appear for the first 2 months I used Dreamweaver, but just started appearing a couple weeks ago.


      I'm not working on any projects or sites that have password protection, or grabbing images off of FTP servers or anything like that.  I don't have any sites listed in the "Manage Sites" window.  I do work out of my inetpub/wwwroot folder, as requested by the folks at my job.


      Any help?