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    Will CS2 (InDesign & Photoshop) work on either/both Windows 7 pro and Windows 8?


      I have CS2 and years ago used Photoshop and InDesign for making books. I would like to use it again for the same purpose.

      Will it work on either (or both) Windows 7pro and/or Windows 8?

      My computer died and I need a new one. If my older programs won't work at all on Windows 7 pro or Windows 8; then I would like to shift to Apple computer.

      However if they will still work on the newer operating systems (either 7 pro or 8) then I would buy a PC so I could use my CS2 still.


      I appreciate any ideas, opinions or experiences that can help me to decide which computer would help me best.


      Restating; if they won't work on the newer PCs then I'll get an Mac. If they will work on newer PC then I'll get a PC.