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    adobe pdf printer can't open log file


      I am trying to print an Id cs6 file to a pdf file.

      During the printing process, the progress indicator indicates it prints a book file to about page 23 (of 293) then I get an error message that says acrobat can't open the xxx.log file.

      The printing progress indicator continues to indicate a file is being printed, but no file opens in acrobat at completion.

      I expect the program to ask me to name the output, and then to want comfirmation, in this case, to replace the existing file.


      This process worked until last night.  I was trying to make a PDF to upload to create space.  The file create space got has photos and images with too low resolution.  Not sure why that's happening either.  I think Adobe is printing screen resolution images.  I went into the adobe presets in the file drop down menu to try to increase resolution, and since, have been unable to print.  I probably did not fix the image resolution problem either.


      THe error message likely involves a conflict between two parts of the program.  It's not accurate at face value.  Any suggestions to fix it?