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    AE 2014 raytrace performance is slow

    Roland 2008

      I Often work in 3D space and would like to know how to improve AE raytrace performance.  If I switch to draft mode speed improves but preview detail suffers.  Any ideas?


      CPU    I7-4960x

      ASUS   x99E WS

      graphics.  3x GTX TITAN in SLI

      64 GIGs of ddr3 2133

      Os drive ssd 840 pro

      LSI raid 0 8 x ssd 840 pro

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What sort of performance are you experiencing?

          What sort of boost are you hoping for?
          Preview or render?

          What exact version of AE 2014 are you running?


          In case you haven't tried it yet, I would suggest using Cinema 4D that comes free with AE instead of the ray-traced renderer for your 3d work. The After Effects team isn't putting any more development into the ray-traced renderer. Their 3d focus is more towards integration this way: details of CINEMA 4D integration with After Effects.

          There are some things you can't do with C4D in AE yet (such as use expressions on 3d layers inside C4D), but there are a whole lot more things you CAN do in C4D that you can't do in the ray-traced renderer.

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            Roland 2008 Level 1

            Sorry for the lack of details.

            very slow preview frame rate, .2 frames per second.

            AE version 13.1.1

            Am I able to import an AE file with approximately 40 3D objects into C4D>