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    Time indicator glitches


      My current time indicator glitches. When I hit "0" for the RAM preview, the green bar will load fully then the preview will begin. Usually the time indicator starts from the beginning of the work area, showing the real time audio and visual.


      This is normal.


      But recently, once the loading is complete, the audio will start playing properly, but the time indicator will freeze for a second, causing the animation to delay. The time indicator will begin around the 1 second mark and continue as normal. But the animation is frozen until the time indicator begins. So I miss the first second of the animation.


      Here's a screenshot of when it starts.




      And here's a screen capture of when I press "0". The indicator jumps forward.



      If I bring the time indicator to the beginning of the work area and press space, then I get a real time animation, if the RAM preview is loaded. But I don't get audio with that.


      Please let me know any suggestions or if this is happening to anyone else. I'm using Creative Cloud and Yosemite.