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      How do I add a bookmark to my course so that people can exit and go back where they left off?

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          Mstpierre112 Level 1

          I should probably mention that I am running courses off of an internal server, not an LMS, so I'm thinking maybe this is controlled by the LMS.  In that case, is there any alternative when distributing courses without an LMS?  I am using the ALS dashboard to track usage.



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            flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

            In the reporting settings, where you select SCORM or AICC, you can set the escape and resume values to match what your server would be looking for. Since you are not running this off of an LMS, I'm not sure that your server will leverage these values for individuals accessing the content in multiple sittings. So, without an LMS, the point may be moot, but it can be worth exploring. I don't have much experience trying to get this to work off of a web server, but others here may have more insight to getting that to work.

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              alpi agarwal Adobe Employee



              The resume course scenario is indeed controlled by the LMS. Currently this is not possible with the internal server.

              The course will always start from the beginning if hosted on a internal server.


              Nice to hear that you are using ALS dashboard for analytics



              Alpi Agarwal

              Adobe Presenter Engineering Team

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                Mstpierre112 Level 1

                Thanks for the response, that helps with my confusion.


                As a side note -- is there a good source for training/documentation on the ALS Dashboard?  I'm sure there are features I am not taking advantage of.