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    www.codeapollo.com -- A community for Apollo develoeprs

      If you've heard about Apollo then you know it's capable of being the new technology, perhaps even web 3.0 if you will.

      Apollo is heavily funded and is summed up it here:
      Apollo is actually a runtime (somewhat similar to a JVM) that allows you to run RIAs on the desktop. These can either be HTML-based (Ajax…) or Flash-based. Flex is the “framework” for building Flash-based applications. The Flex framework, compiler and debugger are all free and can be downloaded from Adobe’s website (the Flex SDK). Adobe also sells an IDE for building Flex applications, based on Eclipse, called Flex Builder 2.

      I am currently building a community of Apollo developers and invite you all to check it out and help get Apollo out there, more web applications. Hope to see you there: http://www.codeapollo.com