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    How to wait on a frame with controls to go to next, prev and stop

    QuadrantProductions Level 1

      We have a banner with 5 image triggers.

      each trigger jumps the Stage to a specific frame.

      Now the project could benefit from an automatic gallery approach with the ability to use those 5 triggers to override navigation.


      I know we could just put a play on the main timeline and then force keyframes but that seems over cumbersome.

      Is there a way to do this with just code on document ready?


      How would you tell animate to wait on a frame for x seconds and then jump to the next frame and so on?


      We have loaded Jquery as well into the timeline.


      Where are the full list of capabilities of what animate can actually be coded to do?  Learning is difficult without some kind of full list of possible commands.

      All the best!