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    Indesign tables – alternating fills over multiple text boxes


      Here is the issue – I have a document FULL of tables, for a schedule of meetings, with alternating fills of gray and white. Often, the table hits the end of a page/text box and runs over to the next. The header row repeats (contains the time for the meetings, so that's great), but the alternating fills do not reset (the screenshot shows what is happening now).


      In other words, if the table splits on a gray cell, the top of the next page/text box has a white cell. I want every text box to begin with the header row and a gray fill. Right now I can only figure how to do it manually, splitting each table at the break point.


      The reason this is key is that the schedule changes rapidly up until the print date, so often cells shift around, making a manual series of text boxes, to say the least, frustrating to work with.


      Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 1.08.15 PM.png