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    Importing sound does not work!

      When I import a mp3 file, Capitvate slows it down when I publish the project. It works fine when I preview slide, but not the project. It sounds like someone is slowing down a record. We had a professional voice-over guy come in and record, now I can't use any of his sound files. Very frustrating!
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Try it with a new project - importing the same audio files to blank (or new) slides. Any better when published?

          Please share with us the specs on the audio files you are importing. You can find these by going to:
          Audio > Advanced Audio
          ... I'm interested in the sample and bit rates ...

          I assume the files given you by the audio voice-over contractor are delivered in MP3 format (bad idea). See if you can have them provide you WAV files, in "PCM" format (that's an important distinction), then import those instead - Captivate will automatically convert them for you, and when possible, that is the best practice.

          Have a nice day!