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    Universal conditional build tags

    Phil_Wells Level 1
      My company has two versions of its software - version 4 and version 5. Much of the various help files applies to both versions, but some is version specific.

      I use v4 ad v5 as cbt's, entering those manually into each project.

      Is there anyway to add these as defaults to RoboHelp so they are already there in any new project I start, rather than creating them every time?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Phil

          One way to do this is to create a shell project. Then you could begin each project by first copying the shell. Then make edits to the shell so it then becomes a live project.

          The other way would involve editing one of the project templates. Then when you create a new project, you point at the template. This link may help with that.

          Cheers... Rick