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    rhsnippet.apj Error with RoboHTML 11 Project on Network

    mkofler99 Level 1

      I have an RH 11 project on a network drive. The project has 485 snippets. When adding or modifying snippets I get the following error:

      An error occurred while trying to read data from <n:\roboHelp Projects\\rhsnippet.apj <1>.

      When I open the rhsnippet.apj file, the file is truncated like this:




      It seems that RoboHelp cannot complete writing to the APJ file.

      After closing and reopening the project, I then get a message saying the cpd is corrupt. After deleting the cpd and reopening the project, I still get a message saying the project is corrupt.

      The only way I have found to fix the project is to move the project back to a local drive, delete the cpd, delete the rhsnippet.apj file and re-import all the snippets.

      I have seen a similar issue which was resolved by moving to another network drive. I moved my project to another network drive but the issue still occurred.

      rhsnippet.apj Error with RoboHTML 10 Project on Network

      My experience with R10 R11 projects on a network drive has been problematic, despite Adobes assertion that R11 and R10 projects now work on network drives. For example, Adobe support confirmed that RoboHelp does not support projects on a network drive that uses DFS (Distributed File System). I have found that large projects seem to be problematic on network drives.

      I suspect that part of this issue is the large amount of snippets I have, as other projects on the network drive don't appear to have this issue as they do not contain a large amount of snippets.

      If anybody else has experienced a similar issue with projects on a network drive related to snippets I'd be grateful for some advice.

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          I suspect you may be right. It have never heard of a project with the same requirements. Nearly 500 snippets is a lot. How the hell can you manage a project with that many? Don't get me wrong. Maybe your requirements warrent that many. I am just thinking of the difficulty in finding and selecting one when you need to use one.


          You could try ensuring that you have the option set to rebuild your project's CPD file each time you open the project (Tools > Options). It could be that the sheer number of snippets is causing the CPD file to grow exponentially.

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            mkofler99 Level 1

            Thanks for the advice Peter, but deleting the CPD does not fix the issue. I have 500 snippets because I have 500 fields (and growing all the time) to document that can appear in multiple reports and also require that each field is documented separately. So although I seem to be pushing the envelope with the amount of snippets, I am grateful for the existence of snippets because trying to document this without snippets would be a nightmare!

            One thing that annoys me is that you cannot apply a style sheet to multiple snippets at the same time. At least I have not found a way. Is there a way of doing this – short of editing the HTML for each snippet individually? I will add this to a feature request for RoboHelp as well as log a bug report with Adobe.

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Normally the snippet picks up the CSS styling from the topic the snippet appears in. For example, if the topic CSS says the text should be purple, the snippet text will be purple. But if a different topic CSS says the text should be red, the same snippet text would be red. Assuming there were no classes added to the snippet code.


              Cheers... Rick