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    A slightly different "edit in" from Lr to Ps question

    the boston artist Level 1

      I have the most perplexing issue with Lr round-tripping to Ps that I have ever encountered.  I spent 14 hours today uninstalling and reinstalling Lr and Ps and resetting plugins, settings and preferences, and could never get images to “edit in” from Lr to Ps.  Finally, after the 5th reinstall and more “other” things than I can count, I just gave up.  Quite by accident I went to another FOLDER in Lr and to make a long story short realized that only the FOLDER (and associated collections) for this one particular shoot will not “edit in” and all other photos in Lr open in Ps like normal.  So… is there ANYONE out there that can think of why on earth such a crazy thing cold be happening.  I am completely stumped.  Thanks for your time and consideration.