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    Line in the gutter


           I have worked with Indesign for several years, and have several times needed to have the program put a line in the gutter between two columns of text which stops when the text assigned to that style stops.

           This seems to be an easy thing putting the line on the master pages and then creating title styles with a large white rule behind it to cover over the line when the titles span columns, but I have continually run into the issue where the columns of text do not come to the bottom of the page and so I have to release the gutter line from the master page and manually adjust it.  When something needs to be inserted into or deleted from a file, and the text moves down or up, the problem compounds because now the lines that were adjusted for the text that was on the page will have to be readjusted for the new text, etc.

           I used to use a Corel desktop publishing software called Ventura. 

      This program had a check box on the style menu where you could tell that certain style to have a line in the gutter whenever the text was assigned to that style.

           I am anxious to hear back.  Thank-you.