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    Flex licensing and distribution

      We're looking for our next generation toolkit.

      Flex is one of the stronger longshots; we're mostly a Java house but think Flex might be an easier route to the interaction we want than many of the JSP-ish/Javascript/AJAX solutions.

      Can someone summarize, in general, what the restrictions are in distributing a product built with Flex? If we have a software Product with a UI that's developed in Flex to be installed at our various customers, what will the per-install fee (likely) be to include whatever serverside (and client, if need be) engine makes Flex happen on the desktop?

      And what roughly is the scale of pricing for a 10-12 member team of developers? The Wikipedia page mentions the $15K per CPU for 5 license range for earlier versions...

      Please feel free to correct any misassumptions embedded in this post!