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      Hi i was wondering about a simple client proofing idea for photographers, graphic design, and video design. i then saw this page. TTG CE4 Gallery – The Turning Gate


      what is the turning gate? and how can i use it with adobe muse?


      thumbnail ideas.


      can you it for graphic desng and video downloads? or is it just for photography images.?



      for my photogrpahy only this is who i am with. again photography images only. http://demo.instaproofs.com/store/


      i can do low res images for free but i have to pay for high res images to be used and downloaded.


      kinda dont want to do that


      my web site is being designed in adobe muse. and hosted on adobe BC.



      if i spend the $25 for this plugin will it work for Lightroom 4 and 5? and it says html so that means i can add as a store to my muse site.