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    Verity & non-English categories

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      Hi there
      I've attached some test code, which demonstrates what I'm doing. It looks a bit long-winded - it's 60-odd lines - and I'd usually not post that much, but I kind of have to here. It's pretty simple, so I hope you don't get frightened away by the apparent length of my post.

      Note: to run the code, you'll need to D/L and install the Eastern European lanugage pack from here, first: http://www.macromedia.com/go/verity. Note the install instructions are wrong, and you should put the files in {verity}\k2\common, not in the {cf} install dir. For me the correct dir was C:\ColdFusionSearchService\k2\common.

      I am trying to index some Russian-language data, which also has Russian-language categorisation. The basic indexing works fine: I can index and search for Russian text. However if I add Russian-language categories to my indexed records, I cannot search on those categories: I always get no results.

      Oddly, if I change the language of the collection to English and search on the Russian-language categories, it "works", but all the Cyrillic data is munged. So "close but no banana" on that one.

      I have to concede that today is the first time I've tried to use Verity in any language other than English, so I figure (hope!) I am just doing something daft.

      Any thoughts?