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    Every time I try import a clip the wrong clip gets imported!!!!


      I purchased and have been using Adobe Premier Elements for a few months and have noticed several bugs.. especially when trying to add titles the system crashes. This has been the source of endless frustrations for me due to the fact that I use editing for business purposes and each program crash just sets me back endless amounts of time (and money). Anyway I continued to push on using the program as I had already paid money for it and battled through its problems. However now I am truly at the end of my tether as I have now come to the end of a very large project and when importing clips to use they are not the right clips. I closed the program restarted my pc and each time its the same thing. I review a clip that I want to use then try import it and it turns up being a different clip with an even different thumbnail. When you also try play this clip colourful static lines are visible in the footage. All of this has rendered the program useless for me and the entire project has now come to a grinding halt and if it cannot be completed it is a failure. I have strict deadlines for video editing projects and If this production is unable to be completed in the next few days It will have dire consequences for my business. This has brought my frustrations with this Adobe product to an all time high and I am fed up!! The customer support for this type of thing is also atrocious and have found that the only realistic possibility of getting an prompt response is to post on this forum. Absolute ridiculousness!! To add to this I have the top of the range PC with an I7 processor and top graphics card so it has nothing to do with my own system! Please can an Adobe representative get back to me as soon as possible so that something can be done about this or must I be forced to purchase another editing platform with better program stability??



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          This is a user to user forum, not Adobe.


          When a new version is released, PRE_help and Adobe Staff "may" enter a thread here directed at the new version. Their appearances in this forum are otherwise rare and the timing undefined.


          Adobe help has classically been extended only to current version which is purchased and registered. That is the way it is. Users try to help other users in this forum.


          Your generalized question is not going to help. The answers, if they are to be found, are in the details, starting with what version of Premiere Elements you are using and on what computer operating system it is running. There are a lot of drill questions to be asked and answered as well as questions and answers specific to your particular situation.


          If you want to troubleshoot here, we would be glad for the opportunity to be of assistance.


          If you are using your thread here as an open letter to Adobe, I would not even attempt to predict the outcome, especially if you have not stated your Premiere Elements version and if it turns out to be a version of the program earlier than 13.


          We will await your decision on how you wish to proceed.


          Thank you.