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    LCDS ES Web application - Bundling


      We have a question concerning the delivery and installation of
      LiveCycle Data Services ES web applications.

      Within an LCDS application the LCDS jar files (flex-messaging-
      common.jar, …) and config files (data-management-config.xml, …) are
      needed and have to be within the same WAR(or EAR) file as your own
      code (custom Assembler implementations and so on).

      We have received the information from Adobe, that unbundling of
      LiveCycle Data Services is not allowed. So how to add those Jar Files
      and config files to your WAR(EAR) file without unbundling the
      file, which is included within the LiveCycle Data Services ES

      Has anybody already had this problem?

      Is an approach which adds the
      LCDS jar files and the adapted config files to your application's WAR
      (EAR) file EULA conform?


      Such an approach is also described on the last page of Adobe's
      documentation "Chapter 2: Building and Deploying LiveCycle Data
      Services ES Applications":

      One option is to package your application and assets in a LiveCycle
      Data Services ES web application, and then create a single WAR file
      that contains the entire web application. You can then deploy the
      single WAR file on your production server.
      ( http://blogs.adobe.com/flexdoc/pdf/build_apps.pdf)

      Thanks in advance,