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      I use extendables library for checking if a token has expired and it works.


      #include 'extendables/extendables.jsx'
      var http = require('http');
      var url = 'http://foo.fr/mod_traffiq/getContributionModel.php?LOGIN=rhanot&CX_TOKEN=f7e240216f592fca71658caa560f910f&OP=FT'
      var response = http.get(url);
      //  response: 35;token connexion expired


      I want to use the Socket object but it does'nt work

      var reply = "";
      var conn = new Socket;
      if (conn.open ('foo.fr:80')) {
          var result = conn.write ('GET /mod_traffiq/getContributionModel.php?LOGIN=rhanot&CX_TOKEN=f7e240216f592fca71658caa560f910f&OP=FT HTTP/1.1\n\n');
          reply = conn.read(999999);
          var close = conn.close();
      // response: HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request


      Thanks for your help