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    Completely deactivating a video or a trigger by click


      Hey helpful guys,


      just another coding rookie trying to get along with Edge Animate. Interesting stuff but still pretty complicated. I got a simple question.


      Is there a way to completely deactivate/ignore a video or a trigger on the timeline with a click on a button? Not only hide or stop it but completely ignore/kill it for everything that happens later.


      The problem: I got a video that starts by clicking a button. After it finishes i want the next video to start 5 seconds later automatically if the user doesn‘t do anything. If he clicks on another button within those 5 seconds he gets to another video and the autovideo should be disabled. Everything i tried wouldn't work.


      So i would really love to deactivate/completely ignore that autovideo by clicking the button. Hiding/Stoping wouldn't work for me because the action that happens after the click (the start of the video) seems to override my first command.


      What would be the best way to do that?

      Thank you in advance. Any help would be very appreciated.