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    Import 704*576 og eksport 720*576 Premiere elements




      Jeg har kæmpet med et problem igennem længere tid. Jeg har prøvet mange forskellige convertere, men resultatet bliver ikke tilfredsstillende.


      Problemet er, at jeg har en del video optaget med et ældre videokamera (Hitachi DZ-MV 780e). Sagen er den, at det optog i 704*576, og at der fulgte en afspiller med som kunne strække billedet til 720*576 og dermed fik et "normalt" 16/9 billede ud af det.


      Hvis jeg i dag importere filmen til Premiere elements går det fint, og resultatet bliver acceptabelt, (Jeg omdøber bare .VRO filen til .MPG og så går det fint.) MEN jeg vil gerne eksportere resultatet til 720*576 og dermed få det "rigtige" 16/9 billede ud af det.

      Desværre kan jeg ikke finde ud af hvordan. Den eksporterede film kommer ud med sorte bjælker i siderne og giver et sammenpresset billede, når det eksporteres.


      Så spørgsmålet er: Kan jeg på en eller anden måde få et billedområde på 704*576 til at blive strækket ud, så det fylder 720*576? Og i så fald. Hvordan?





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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What version of Premiere Elements are you using and on what computer operating system is it running?


          Set your Premiere Elements project preset to





          Import your Hitachi DZ-MV 780e video (704 x 576) into the Premiere Elements project.

          In the project media area of the program, right click the file's thumbnail, select Interpret Footage.

          In the Interpret Footage dialog, go to Pixel Aspect Ratio area and dot the Conform to:

          In the Conform to: field, select "D1/DV PAL Widescreen 16:9 (1.4587).

          Click OK to the Interpret Footage dialog to exit that area.


          What does your video look like in the Edit area monitor? Any black borders? Over stretched look?

          Or, OK?


          If OK, how do you want to export this Timeline? Export to file saved to the computer hard drive or burn to disc?

          We will discuss the export choices next and detailed settings for a 16:9 export.


          Thank you.



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            Settemand Level 1

            Hi ATR

            Thank you very much.

            I didn't know about that option.


            My PC is a laptop from MSI. Intel core I7, 16 GB RAM, 256GB SSD (And 1 TB HD for storage) With Windows 8.1. It runs Premiere Elements 10.0 (And it runs very smooth.)


            The import you talk about Works very well. (Even though the film seems to get a Little more pixelated and a Little bit overstreched.) It shows a "normal" film now with the correct aspect ratio.

            The Edit area monitor shows Black boarder on top an below.

            I have a server (a Synology NAS) where I put the finished films. I want to export to a file which will Work on Pc's and can be watched via DLNA on my Samsung 46 inch HD TV. (Samsung UE46C6000)


            Best regards



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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thank you for the reply with further details and comments.


              If you see any black borders in the Edit area monitor after you have adjusted the Pixel Aspect Ratio in Interpret Footage, you can scale the image

              in the Edit area monitor to get rid of the black borders. It is assumed that these black borders that you are seeing are minor ones.


              Scale suggestions...


              a. Click on the screen, and drag on one of the handles of the image's bounding box to scale it.


              b. Highlight the clip on the Timeline, and go to Properties/Motion Panel expanded/Scale property and the Scale Slider to scale the image.

              (by default width and height are scaled together; if you want one or the other, then uncheck the "Constrain Proportions" option there.


              Just a reminder, when you are working with PAL DV Widescreen, the 16:9 flag stretches the video from 720 x 576 to about1056 x 576 for display after encoding.


              Does the scaling after Interpret Footage improve your situation?



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                Settemand Level 1

                Hi ATR.


                I have been experimenting with the options. And it looks great in the  Edit area monitor, but if I try to export it (using the PAL DVD Widescreeen option in MPEG) it comes out totally wrong.

                If I use some titles they look great in the  Edit area monitor but the come out in the export totally out of place.


                Using your scale suggestions the b-option seems to Work best.




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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  After you make your Presets selection in the export area, do you click on the Advanced Button of the preset selected and look in detail at the Export Settings under the Video Tab?


                  In the Edit area, for full frame, you need to scale the image to fit the space in the Edit area monitor that was established by your choice of project preset.



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                    Settemand Level 1

                    Hi ATR.


                    Thank you for your patience with my questions.


                    I have followed your guidance and been experimenting a bit. The result is very nice.

                    I am looking forward to edit the 40 hours of footage I have.


                    NB. As a Little extra, I will mention that, I got a bit frustrated with the exported result sice it got all stribed in the edges, but then I found the setting interlaced/progressive. Apperently it defaults to interlaced.

                    After setting it for progressive it turns out very nice.


                    Thanks Again for help.