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    Right to Left (Arabic) layout becomes Left to Right in Book


      I have a book that contains several translated documents. All documents are left to right except one document which is translated to Arabic and has Right to Left layout. (The first page of the Arabic spread is the right page and the second is the left page)



      When exporting the Arabic document to PDF everything looks good. The first page in the PDF is the right page.



      But when exporting the book that includes the Arabic document the Evil magic starts. The right page (first page) is placed to the left of the spread. When opening the InDesign document from the book everything looks good..... When exporting the book from the book pane it becomes wrong.



      I have tried to show what I mean with the examples below. The blue language dividers throughout the book are located at the book edges. With this problem the dividers become against the book binding (this was how we first noticed the problem).


        Correct location of the first page (right). Exported from the document.


      Incorrect location of the first page (to the left.) Exported from the book.