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    Adobe Premiere Elements 13

    Michael Stehly Level 1

      I am using Premiere Elements 12.1.  Did Adobe add more Movie Menus in Version 13?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          Michael Stehly


          I thought that I replied to this thread several days ago. But cannot find my reply.


          Short version....

          There are two new Movie Menu themes in the Kid's Corner category. That is it.


          Detailed version....


          Please review the following Movie Menu Content excerpt from my blog post Premiere Elements 13 First Look.

          Movie Menu.  2 New Themes and Some Unexplained Duplication In Kid's Corner Category.

          In Premiere Elements 13 there are 14 major Movie Menu categories. The major categories and the number of themes in each category are Kid's Corner (12), Entertainment (6), General (10), Happy Birthday (3), Holiday and Events (9), Memories (5), Movie Genre (6), New Baby (5), Pets (2), Slideshows (2), Sports (6), and Weddings (2). Except for Kid's Corner category, all is as it is in version 12


          • same number of major categories, 14
          • same themes requiring Content download to complete incomplete theme folder content
          • Slideshow/Pan and Zoom coming with the install, ready to use

          However, the Kid's Corner category is not yet fully understood. Kid's Corner in version 12 has 5 themes whereas Kid's corner in version 13 tryout has 12. Yet there are only 2 new themes in version 13, Recital and Back to School. Further, 4 of these 12 themes require Content download; whereas 8 do not. Those 8 include the 2 new themes. To be sorted out when a purchased version of 13 is evaluated.


          The Movie Menus that come with the program install (no Content download needed, ready for use) are found in the Window 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit path


          Local Disk C\Adobe Premiere Elements 12\DVD Templates\Common\

          As before in version 12, this Common Folder in version 13 contains the Slideshows Folder which contains folder and assets for the Pan and Zoom theme. But, now, the Common Folder also contains the Kid's Corner Folder which contain folders and assets for themes named

          (A) Toy Train Stuttle

          (AV) Kid's Channel 68 Ion

          (V) Recital

          Back to School

          Flower Girl Drum Song

          Kid's Room Mess

          Night Time Story Bedtime


          All the rest (requiring Content download before use) are found in Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit in the path


          Local Disk C
          Program Data
          Premiere Elements
          DVD Templates

          And, in the All_Lang Folder are the major category folders, each of them containing theme folders which contain the theme assets.


          Movie Menu choices appear to be the same whether accessed from the Expert workspace or Quick workspace.


          Is that the information that you sought?