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    Export of layer names to excel


      In photoshop cs4 can you export a psd's layer names to a flat file or excel file? Or perhaps there is a plugin to assist with this? I'm trying to get names and numbers recorded in text layers out of photoshop and into excel where I can analyze them. Currently I click each layer, find the text, highlight it and copy the text into excel. Not the most efficient method as there are hundreds of layers.

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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is something a script could do, if you can do extendscript coding. Basically, you just need to loop though all the layers, getting the layer name and content is easy, then writing that information to a CSV file. If you're file does not have layers in groups, that makes it even easier. You can post your question to the scripting forum, and someone might all ready have a script that does that.