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    Updaing Camera Raw in CS5 to read Panasonic G5 raw files

    david k Level 2

      I'm using CS5 at work. I tried to read Raw files from my Lumix G5 camera, but I think I have to update the Camera Raw plugin to do this. I tried updating Camera Raw, but I'm not sure if it took or if the update includes my camera. In Properties, it shows that the current update Raw version is


      Is it possible that Adobe is no longer supporting raw updates to CS5, so I can't update Raw to a version that would cover my camera? And if so, would I then need to install the latest DNG raw converter to first convert these Raw files so I can work with them?


      Partial solution: Okay, so even though when I open the DNG converter and it doesn't recognize the G5 (.RW2) raw files, I can use the windows "computer" or "explorer" function, to open the folder with the Raw files in them, select these, then drag them to the DNG converter shortcut icon on my desktop, where it opens the converter and allows me to convert (and it automatically saves) them.


      PS - I installed the DNG converter, v., which I thought would allow me to open and convert my G5 raw files, but it doesn't seem to recognize them (they don't show up in the folder they are in when I open it in the DNG window). Is there some reason I'm not seeing them that I'm not aware of?


      PPS - Also, when I try to update 7.1 Camera Raw (not sure if this includes the G5 camera or not), it keeps telling me that it's not applicable to me? Not sure what that means--could it be fore CS6 and above, and not for CS5?


      Regards, David.