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    Where did my app go?


      I had to reload my Galaxy Note 10.1 (first edition) a couple weeks ago. I just noticed the PS Touch is not installed, so I tried going to Google Play to restore it, and found it asking me to pay $9.99.


      I wasn't aware that I would have to pay for an app that came installed on my device, but it's not showing up in my My Apps listing anymore either. What gives? This wasn't a "subscription" I bought, it was software packaged with my device. I should have access to the old version, at least.


      Is there any way for me to get the app back without paying for it? If not, well, good luck, guys... the "Express" version is not nearly compelling enough for me to make a decision about whether the newer version of Photoshop Touch is worth $10, when I have plenty of other options for tablet-art available.