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    imported file with same name as existing file -> Lightroom messed up the pictures



      I am using Lightroom 5.6 on Windows 7 and just got a weird bug. At least in my opinion it seems to be a bug, because have no idea what I could have done wrong.

      I try to explain what happened:

      On the 8th of January this year I took picture IMG_2413 and put it in the folder with this date (2014-01-08). I used the develop module on it with some steps and then published it via the Flickr-Plugin.

      Today I imported more pictures. Among them was again a file called IMG_2413, but taken on the 8th of November this year. It was imported in a folder with the according date (2014-11-08). After that I tried to move it in a newly created subfolder. And that's the point where the mess began (or at least when I noticed the mess). The new folder was created with the option to include the selected pictures (among them was the second IMG_2413). But the file could not be copied, because there was already a file with that name in it. Lightroom did not show me file, but in the Explorer I found it. Surprisingly this file in the new folder (not connected or touching the folder of the first image (2014-01-08)) had a creation date of 8th of January. I thought: "Oh something went wrong during copying" and deleted the file and copied the formerly uncopiable file to the new folder. Now I have a picture in my library with the content of the second IMG_2413, but the developing of the first picture. This strange picture is also connected to the Flickr-Plugin.

      What has happened here? I never had problems when importing files with the same name (in my old camera file counting started at 0001 each time I erased the flash card).

      And more important: How can I manage to get back a combination of old IMG_2413 content connected to its developing and Flickr-Plugin? Luckily I have a backup of this file.

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