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    Downloading books on multiple devices using one Adobe ID.




      I have successfully set up overdrive on both my iPad and my iPod touch.  I just got a new phone and am trying to set up overdrive on it.  I am able to sign into my adobe account but when I go to the library to download my current books it says that these books are already downloaded on another device using a different Adobe ID.  My problem is that I am signed into the same account so why won't it let me download it to my new device?  I have double checked in my overdrive account that they are both signed into the same e-mail address.  Also, when I sign into my overdrive account and look at registered devices only my cell phone is listed even though I download books with both the iPad and iPod.


      Any advice is appreciated as I would like to not have to carry so many devices around just so I can have my books on hand.  I can't live without books!