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    Flash freezes in Firefox when I scroll the mouse wheel over a drop down list or text field (possibly others as well).

    James22s22 Level 1

      Whenever I scroll in a drop down menu in Flash in Firefox (for example, I move the mouse wheel just one detent), it just continues scrolling on its own all the way to the bottom of the list and freezes all interaction for about 10 seconds.  It's really bizarre.


      If I start click and dragging things, nothing happens, and then all of the sudden everything catches up and moves.  As an experienced programmer, I can say that it looks like some kind of queuing of keyboard/mouse events with delayed execution.   Has anyone else encountered this issue?


      I found something from 2008 that sounds similar, although I am not using the sIFR they mentioned: sIFR mouse wheel scrolling freeze in Firefox - Stack Overflow


      Seems to be a Firefox-specific issue, although it also seems to be something that has just recently started occurring since updating Firefox.


      UPDATE:  I was checking my Firefox version in Help > About Firefox, and it showed version 33, but also had a pending update so I restarted Firefox.  The problem was no longer occurring at that point.  When I checked the version again, it said 33.0.2, but it also said "applying update", with another pending restart. I restarted Firefox again.  It's now stable at version 33.1.  So perhaps it was a problem with that particular version, or even a temporary issue with that running browser instance.