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    Problem with installing/updating flash player


      I have tried to update my flash player for a couple of months now and every time it gets to about 30% and then it says "Connection lost. Trying to connect…" or something like that and then it just stops. I have a Mac, version 10.7.5, and Safari version 6.1.6. Every time I have just waited until the next time it reminds me, but today I noticed that my version was so old that it started to become a problem. I tried again to update it and the same thing happened. So I found, in my "Launchpad" that i had an uninstall flash player program so I uninstalled it but I still have the same problem when I try to install it again. Oh, and yes my internet connection is great, that can definitely not be the problem, so I don't know what connection it is talking about.