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    Can I get Lightroom to use the  GPS Img Direction Ref Metadata Field?


      Hi, it seems to me that Lightroom does not distinguish between true north and magnetic north with regards to the Exif Field "Direction". The EXIF standard uses 2 fields to specify image direction - "Img Direction" (in degrees) and "Img Direction Ref" (which states whether this direction is relative to true north or magnetic north). Lightroom, however, only displays the one field, and approximates the value in degrees to one of the text-based values, "North", "North-east", "East" etc. though you can see the precise value in degrees by hovering over the field. I thought maybe that this direction was always stated with respect to true north, and that Lightroom adjusted the direction if necessary (i.e. if the img direction ref field was M for magnetic north). However experimenting by changing "Img Direction Ref" in ExifChanger, I found this was not the case.


      Am I missing something?