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    how can I extend list.setPropertiesAt ?


      Hi. I'm using my own cellRenderer for a list component (based on the MultiLineCell.as example on the Adobe site), and it's working pretty well, except I need the setPropertiesAt() function to do something special but I can't seem to override it, or don't know how.

      Basically I want to augment setPropertiesAt() with my own code.

      At the top of my cellRenderer actionscript file called ListBoxCell.as, I've got...

      class ListBoxCell extends mx.core.UIComponent {

      and I tried creating inside this...
      public function setPropertiesAt(i, myObject:Object) {
      trace(" setPropertiesAt "+i+","+myObject.backgroundColor);

      But the trace doesn't show, so I guess this isn't the right way to override the setPropertiesAt function.

      Can anyone shed some light please? Do I need to import something, or "extend" something different ?