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    I just installed Photoshop CC on new Windows 8.1 pro system and now it wont create new file or open existing files.


      Ugh this is so frustrating and I suspect it is an easy fix I am too tired to figure out.


      I just got a new PC and installed Creative Cloud and Photoshop CC, logged in and launched Photoshop. It launches fine, no error messages or anything. The tutorial window pops up and I close it. Then if I try to create a new file (the option window comes up) nothing happens after I submit the options. I mean nothing. No error message, no crash, no file canvas nothing. If I try to open an existing file it loads Photoshop as if it is going to open the file and Photoshop loads without any error messages but no file, again nothing.



      Please help.


      I am so behind in my work lol.