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    AMD like module loading

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      Hi, I need some critics for the following code snippet. I am trying to implement an AMD like functionality with ESTK and was wondering if I was doing it the right way or the wrong way. ESTK already has the ability to load scripts via `#include` preprocessor but it loads the script at the current scope, which might lead to bigger problems like overriding local variables. My approach is to wrap this preprocessor with the `require()` function and do the script loading there. This way variable collision is avoided, considering `var` is explicitly used for all variable declarations.


      function require(module) {
          var __module__;
          function define(callback) {
              __module__ = callback();
          // eval is considered evil, I don't know if this could be an exception
          eval('#include "' + module + '";');
          // This also has the same result as above but I'm not sure which one is better or faster. 
          // $.evalFile(File(module));
          if (typeof __module__ === 'undefined') {
              throw('Module not loaded');
          return __module__;
      (function () {
          // relative loading doesn't work. Yet.
          var moduleA = require('/absolute/path/to/modulea.jsx');
          var moduleB = require('/absolute/path/to/moduleb.jsx');


      I don't know how to attach files here, please just save the code below as modulea.jsx and moduleb.jsx and change the path above where these files are required/loaded.



      Save this as modulea.jsx

      define(function () {
          return {
              prop1: 'module A prop 1',
              prop2: 'module A prop 2'


      Save this as moduleb.jsx

      define(function () {
          return {
              prop1: 'module B prop 1',
              prop2: 'module B prop 2'