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    Slow switch to video frames

      Hi Guys
      I'm a Director newbie :) I have set up a DVD of MPEG-1 movies and built a menu screen to access them for a client. The menu screen has buttons with scripts like the following attached:

      on mouseUp me

      The Tape1 frame has a previous and next button and a 300MB mpg movie file embedded in it.
      The problem is, when a menu item is clicked on the main menu page, Director takes ages (10-20 seconds) before it displays the frame with the video. I guess it's loading it or buffering it somehow. I've tried to change the label on the button to "Loading..." when it is clicked, to let the user know something is happening, but this doesnt show - it's like Director freezes until it can show the next frame.
      Is there a better way to do this? I thought of having an intermediate frame with a loading message, but then I'd have to pass it some sort of variable to tell it which frame to jump to after that, and I just wanted to check there wasnt a better way to do this.

      thanks in advance for any advice