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    spelling bug with removed words


      A recent catch during proofreading has got me investigating using the "Removed Words" function in InDesign -- specifically, making sure no one accidentally types "pubic" when they mean to type "public". But it's looking like I've found a bug in this feature. I'm running OS X 10.10 with InDesign CC 2014.1 ( build). InDesign appears to be up-to-date.


      I've gone into the correct User Dictionary and added two words to the "Removed Words" list:





      I wasn't sure if capitalization was important or not, so I included it in both forms. Come to think of it, I probably should add PUBIC in all caps to be safe -- but that's beside the point. I made a new document and had mixed luck with the "incorrect" word being flagged. After doing a few variations, I located the issue. Here's what I typed:


      This is pubic. This is public. There is a difference.

      This is pubic, and this is public. There is a difference.

      This is pubic and this is public. There is a difference.


      Running a spell check sees InDesign catch the "incorrect" word on the 2nd and 3rd line, but not the first. It appears a removed word is ignored if it is followed by a period? That doesn't seem right.