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    How would you architect this

      I'm curious how everybody else is architecting their FLEX applications. Particularly how they access data from a CFC or what have you. I'm going through the Adobe Training From The Source book, which is excellent and it's made me rethink how to access and persist data.

      Main.MXML - is a page which has a drop down box with a list of favorite colors.
      Colors.cfc - is a CFC with a method getColors() which calls a SPROC and returns a Query Result of about 20 colors.

      The objective is to bind the data to the drop down box. I know this is simple as all hell, but what I am looking for is answers from an architect point of view. Would you create a valueObject class to persist this data? A custom component to seperate out the Controller and then instantiate the object in Main.mxml?

      Let's see what everyone does.