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    Moving Photoshop Album 2.0 catalogue to Elements 13

    Mike-RM Level 1

      All my photos are on Photoshop Album V2.0 on an old PC running windows XP. I've moved to Macs - OS X Mavericks and want to try and copy my Album catalogue over. I've downloaded Elements 13 free trial on my Mac and am happy with that.  Adobe help says my Album catalogue can be exported to Elements using backup/restore but both machines have to be running the same version of Elements. But Elements 13 won't run on XP according to the spec. I assume if I have Album and Elements running on the same computer I can move the catalogue from one to the other? So I've looked for Elements 12 free trial and can't find it, only Elements 13 free trial appears to be available now.  Downloads of earlier versions look like you need a serial number. So I'm in a catch 22 situation. I don't want to buy Windows 7 for a machine I'm going to scrap, particularly as what I'm trying to do might not work. Where can I get a trail version that will run on XP? Or is there another solution.


      Thanks on advance