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    Printing with Epson XP-950

    monzie 1

      I use a Mac Book air operating on OSX 10.9.5 and Photoshop Elements 11 and print via a wired connection to an Epson XP-950 A3 Photo printer.


      All worked fine providing good quality prints across all size and paper quality range. Recently a change has happened. Regardless of which settings are set prior to printing (size and quality) the printer produces a 6x4 low quality print with a border.


      I contacted Epson who provided me with their Easy print software, and the printer works perfectly using this. However the Easy print method is very drawn-out process requiring pictures to be transferred to it, rather than direct print usually available with the Photoshop system.


      I have had the systems on my Book air looked at by Apple who say all is Ok and should not prevent correct printing.


      Can you please see if you can cast some light on this problem and hopefully provide a solution?