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    Reference xdc file in process


      Hi all,

      I need to use a custom XDC for a generatePrintedOutput component.

      I imported a sample xdc file (hppcl5e.xdc) into my application in Workbench and i changed it with XDC editor (I also changed the name of the file in test.xdc).

      Now in the generatePrintedOutput component, option XDC URI i set the type to literal value and insert the value test.xdc, but nothing append.

      I tried to reflect the application structure (i have a res folder with my xdc file), but no good.

      In jboss server.log i have this error line

      ERROR [com.adobe.livecycle.formsservice.exception.FormServerException] (http- ALC-OUT-002-006: URI not found: URI = Res/test.xdc Cause: URI = Res\test.xdc (Impossibile trovare il percorso specificato)

      If i copy this xdc in a custom folder into livecycle server, and in XDC URI i write the full path (example E:\custom_folder\test.xdc), I get the expected result.

      At this point my question is: how can i reference custom xdc file that resides into my application? Is it possible?


      Thank in advance,