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    Trouble starting InDesign

    Carlo Fontanesi Level 1

      For some job reason I have on my Win7 PC several versions of InDesign: all versions from CS3 to CC2014.

      Installing the last version, CC2014 or after an upgrade, I can't remember, InDesign CS5.5 stop to work.

      well, in that period I didn't use it, so I continued to work with other versions (all working).

      One month ago a client asked job in CS5.5 and I tried to make it work again, At Adobe support said that they can't help me as that old versioni is not supportd anymore.

      Trying and re-retrying I found that there is a way to start software in "compatibility mode", and found out that using a "Vista compatibility" InDesign CS5.5 could work perfectly!!


      Well, now is Indesign CS4 that doesn't work anymore...

      I justr tried now: neither CS3 and CS5 work.


      Somebody have some solution to this kind of trouble?