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    starting my component framework

    doof moof
      ok so i'm getting into developing my apps with components and i'm reading a couple of books to help me. However some of the things these books are saying are conflicting with each other. Like 'Object Oriented Actionscript for Flash 8' by friends of ed is saying it's best to start from scratch with my own UIObject and go from there so that i know how everything works from inside out. But then i am reading other literature wich go from the perspective of building components by extending, or otherwise using, the flash component architecture, which seems smart enough, after all if there is a complete acrchitecture there to begin with, why rebuild what already works.

      However the flash component acrchitecture is huge and complicated and i could spend years learning how it works properly, and even then i don't know if it will suit my needs. For example when it comes to skinning compenents i've had a hard time in the past and having complex animations between different states of the component (ie. a tween to take a button from enabled to disabled) seems to be almost impossible. and if i create a component from scratch i could build and understand this functionality in from the start.

      Also i'm going to be moving onto actionscript 3.0 soon and flex builder 2 and i don't know how the component architecture is gonna differ from what i'm using now.

      I'd like to hear from other developers out there the pros and cons of either side of the argument, and how you guys go about this side of programming GUIs. Do you use the build in components or do you have a library of your own componets that you've built from scratch? Do you extend from the flash comps to build your own or have you defined your own version of UIObject? Are there different things to consider when it comes to using AS 3 and Flex 2? How do you skin your components when absolutly everything needs to be smoothly animated? Should i put the time and effort into learning the flash component architecture???

      As you can tell, i'm in a bit of a whirle here and i just wonna get started on the right foot. most of all i just wonna get on with building the rich apps that are in my head! So any pointers in the right direction will be much appreciated.