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    Web App input form - Summernote WYSIWYG editor

    Peter · Genie Corp. Level 1

      Hi Guys


      I am playing around with the Summernote editor.

      The thing I am trying to do is a sort of a blog, where my clients employees can post different info etc.

      I thought that with a WYSIWYG editor they would have more possibilities.


      I have it working with text etc. I just "duplicate" the input from the editor into the "Item Description" field,

      and this works, one can format the text, make tables etc.


      Summernote also have a function to upload pictures. Actually one can just drop them in the editor and resize them etc.

      This feature is quite nice. As a standard the images are saved/compressed with "Base64", which i've never played around with

      before, but it doesn't seem like BC can "handle" this.


      When I insert a image via the web app input form the image source field is empty, so the image is not displayed but there is a image tag.

      If i put in the entire code in the backend the image appears, but is not working after I save it and see it on the site.


      I am not sure that the base64 compression is a great thing to do. Could this work, or is there another way to get this working?


      It this is not possible i will just have a "regular" input field where they can put in a picture, and then i can control it with CSS,

      but I thought that having the possibility to put in directly in the WYSIWYG would be great.


      In the summernote API, it is possible to control the "upload image" feature, but i am not sure this will work with BC.


      Any thoughts or tips is much appreciated


      /Peter - Genie Corp.