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    Why is my video exporting media from off screen?


      In other words, why is my project exporting like this when I share it, when it does not look like this in premiere? The logo is supposed to be on top of the video.The picture I used is also messed up. I put a black box around the edges to keep the letterbox but since I zoom in on the picture, part of the picture should be off screen.


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          I do not think that export is at the core of your issue. I suspect that the matter starts with confusion between the color black and black being used by the video editor to represent transparency. I think that I can sort this out for you, so please supply more details for me to do that successfully.


          A mismatch between project presets and export settings may be contributing to the issue, but is not the issue.


          1. Please post a screenshot of the Edit area monitor display which you say displays exactly as you want it to with regard to this group shot. Please confirm whether you want black border just at top and bottom of image at all times as you zoom in on the photo OR if you want black borders at top and bottom and left and right at all times as you zoom in on the photo.


          2. How did you create the black borders that you did create? From Black Video? If so, one of the problems seems to be that you did not have the black border (black color) span the entire frame horizontally. And, if you need defined black border to the right and left of the image, you should be creating black video (black color) for those, not depending on the natural black transparency due to photo down sizing.


          With the information requested, I will provide a step by step to demonstrate and hopefully resolve the issue that you presented.


          But I am going to need

          1. Answer to "1" above.

          2. Project Settings.

          3. Export Settings.


          Any questions or need clarification, please do not hesitate to ask.