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    TOC Is not showing properly in IE8, also the images (home icon, print icon, etc.)are extremely distorted in IE8




      I'm using Generate --> Primary Layout (Responsive HTML5). When I view my project in IE8, I get very distorted images (stretched out). The TOC also does not show up properly on the left hand side, if at all. However, if I use Chrome/Firefox, everything works fine.


      I also notice I get an error on page from IE8 which states:


      Object doesn't support this property or method



      I'm assuming this is an issue with Java. I have been able to try this on IE9 which works fine as well.


      Does RoboHelp not support IE8 with the TOC?


      Upgrading higher than IE8 is not a possibility due to the company still using Windows XP.


      Has anyone encountered this before or know of a fix for this? I tried updating Java but that did not seem to work either.