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    LR5 Problems Print Module Output jpeg

    Maya Meiners

      Ahoi together,

      I´m desperate... I have major problems in the "print module". I've created in LR different print templates where I can put together various images as collages and then output as a JPG. This has worked flawlessly.

      Now I have to create hundreds of collages and nothing works.

      After JPG output the cells are completely or partially empty. The images (all or just a few of them) are missing in the output JPG (in LR visible). I can already see the "progress slider" on the Navigator, that it will not work, because the bar runs out very quickly.

      I have restarted the computer several times again, also LR. If I change the location of the JPGs it works now and then for 2-3 pictures again, and then again only to produce empty JPGS.

      LR 5.6 is up to date. Operating system is Windows 8.

      What can I do? I am looking forward to your help. Thanks & best regards from the north of Germany, Maya