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    How to Avoid Threading Problems with Copy and Paste


      I’m a writer who uses ID 5.5 to build the interiors for my POD books. I don’t work with the application frequently enough to be more than moderately proficient, but with a lot of trial and error and advice from this forum (thank you Peter!), I can usually figure out how to get it done.


      One particular intermittent formatting problem continues to give me fits. I’ve been able to fix it after the fact, but unable to determine the cause and prevent it from happening.


      I apologize in advance for the following workflow detail, but it works so well most of the time that I prefer to keep using it and try to discover the elusive reason it doesn’t provide consistent results.


      My source manuscripts are DOC files, from which I copy single chapters one at a time and paste them into an INDD template I built with Lorem Ipsum dummy text and all the styles matched to the ones use in Word. I use two master pages, one for the first page of chapters with no header, and one for the rest of the pages with different headers for left- and right-facing pages. Text threads do not extend across chapter breaks.


      Each chapter’s placeholder text is three pages long, and I do that to present a single chapter-start master page and one spread of the master pages with left- and right-facing headers.


      Early in my learning process, I received advice from the forum not to use smart text reflow. My current procedure is to copy a chapter in the source DOC, select all the dummy text in the corresponding chapter of the INDD template, and paste. For any chapters more than three pages long, I then have overset text at the end of the third page in the chapter.


      I insert a group of master-page spreads with headers, load the pointer with overset text and flow text into each page at a time. This is obviously a lot more labor-intensive than I would like, but I’ve had to do that to avoid the problem that is the primary reason I need advice on how to fix it.


      What I’d like to do is use the “flow text automatically” procedure, and some of the time it doesn’t work. Rather than flow from master page to master page in order, the threads end up bypassing the next page in a spread, link to a page in the next spread, then go back to the bypassed page, and continue with blue threads looking like a criss-crossing mess to the end of the overset text.


      The only way I’ve been able to fix the problem is to delete all the text from the first improperly linked page and use the one-page-at-a-time flow procedure for the remaining overset text.


      The only conclusion I’ve come up with is that the problem is caused by something in the template I haven’t been able to find. I’ve checked every chapter in the template and all the threads connect pages in proper sequence.


      Thank you for reading this far, and I’d appreciate any ideas for how to eliminate this problem.



      MacBook Pro

      OS 10.8.5

      CS 5.5