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    Animation failed to load

    David_sceno Level 1

      I have create a website with Edge animate in april 2014.

      The website has been published and work properly.

      Two things happened since:

      1. The site need updates and optimisation
      2. My computer crashed and I've lost all the local files.


      So I went to my Hosting service provider and download all the files of my website back to my local computer.

      Of course there is no "Animation.an" file on the remote server, but I wish I could reopened the Index.html page and do a kind of reverse engineering to rebuild it.


      Edge animate can't even open the index.html page. I am getting and error message:

      "Composition failed to load"

      "Loading failed, please check your page for JavaScript errors."


      Any clue? From what i can read, lot of people are can't open animation project made with the previous version of Edge animate.

      What will be the most effective way to get the site to re-open in Edge animate?


      Here is a link to the site: